Flip Flop. I’m Moving Blogs

I’m moving back to blogger. WordPress just isn’t for me.

Sorry not sorry for the flip flopping. I’m doing what’s best for me.


Come to my new page and follow me, as well as my social media. I updated them all.



One Year Anniversary #atmyjob

As this post publishes, I am literally clocking in to work.

Today, I’m at my job one year. A year ago today I walked in to my first real job of my adulthood. It’s a big milestone for me! And I am so proud of myself. I am a hard worker and actually haven’t wanted to REALLLLLLY quit the place yet, so it’s looking hopeful that I’ll be a lunch lady for years to come, haha!

09-13-16  09-14-16


I Joined Norwex


I am usually not that person that gets all involved with these “online product parties”, because it seems like EVERYONE is doing one for a company that they love, lets be honest. But I’ve been eyeing some products my friend has been selling for quite some time now, and decided that it’s time to buy some of them! After being involved in the party thing, I ended up being that person HAVING their own online party a week later.


I also signed up to be a consultant. I just dove in head first and went for it. Which is SO not like me. Sales isn’t my strong suit, frankly. But, alas… I’m here…. and I’m doing okay thus far. I would call my first online party a success. Score 1 for me!


What is Norwex you ask? Bascially, it’s cleaning items without the use of chemicals. The big seller is the EnviroCloth, which is amazing!



If you’re interested in getting your house chemical free, reach out to me and we can talk. No pressure, I promise!




Operation Lose Weight, Day 1

When I was a teenager I considered myself having an athletic build (from playing all that soccer). I was very much in shape. Then, I grew up, had children, and pretty much let myself go.

Exercise and eating better are my new loves. Today is the day I start being healthier, and dropping all this weight. #nomoresoda #gottalovewater #kindadont #gonnatryto

I will be using my Fitbit, My Fitness Pal and Map My Run apps on the daily. If you want my info so we can be friends, let me know! I need all the motivation I can get.

And I am sure I will do before and after posts from time to time, so keep checking in for those.

LilySlim Weight charts


This is my fourth 29th Birthday

Today is my fourth 29th birthday.

Okay, okay, so being in my 30’s hasn’t been as terrible as I was imagining it to be.

So Happy 33rd Birthday to me!



TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy #netflix

Yes, yes, I am late to the game.

This past winter my sister told my cousin that she started watching Grey’s and that it was so good. Now, I feel like this type of show isn’t my thing, so I dismissed the conversation.

Now this summer, I’m sitting home while the kids are at summer camp and decided to flip through Netflix. I saw Grey’s, and said sure why not. Can we say ADDICTED!! I’ve spent pretty much my entire summer vacation BINGE WATCHING episodes.

Alex Karev is my favorite so far. This April girl from Mercy West is on my nerves and I cannot tolerate her. And I could not handle the whole thing with George!

I am currently just starting season 7. No spoilers, please. That’s no fun.

Do you watch?