Memorial Day 2016

Yes, I’m suuuuuuuuuuuuuper late with this post. My bad. #busylife

What’s not a better way to celebrate Memorial Day by taking the family to Gettysburg? From going to the Visitor Center to taking an auto audio tour and capping it off by paying respect to those at Gettysburg National Cemetery. What an awesome sight to see so many people and so many individuals playing the part as a Confederate and Union soldier and the wealth of knowledge many of them have. Top it off by camping at Artillery Ridge Campground right down the street from the cemetery. Unfortunately, no ghosts were seen but we did go on a candlelit ghost tour and heard many cool facts and stories. The kids tie-dyed shirts, swam in the pool and pulled up over 20 bluegill sunfish and bass in about 3 hours.

The kids have never been and I’m really happy that they had a freakin’ blast, as Gettysburg is my favorite place to visit. #winningparenting

Enough of me talking, lets just share some pictures!

Visitor’s Center & a view of Mummasburg Road (a battlefield is to the right of barn)
My two boys on top of Little Round Top & a view from Devil’s Den (below Little Round Top)
cannon     cemetary
A cannon at the Eternal Peace Memorial & a not well-known cemetary we saw on our ghost walk

Soldier’s National Cemetary (this was right to the right when we walked in)