Yes, I Play Pokemon Go

Growing up, I wasn’t into Pokemon, though I knew of them. A few years back, my son started to collect Pokemon cards because a friend of his gave him one, but didn’t really know much about them.

If you’re a hater, then no need to read the rest of this post. I am an adult and can play a fun game outdoors if I want to. I have been getting tons of exercise which is a positive in my book, and I am smart enough to 1) not go out alone at night looking for pretend animals, and 2) to not trespass where I do not belong.


This past weekend I was walking around Six Flags Great Adventure and the people standing in front of me on line had their phones out, their app running and I saw a Pokemon ball at the bottom of a map. I was curious! So I took to Facebook to ask what all the rage was. After being informed, I downloaded that bad boy real quick!!!


And while I have only been playing a few days, I feel there is still much to learn. I’m just kind of winging it, honestly.

Do you play? If so, comment below.

P.S. When making my character, I liked the yellow outfit the best so that’s what I put her in. Apparently that puts me on Team Yellow now.


Show Us Your Book – What I Read In June 2016

Life According to Steph

Here is what I’ve been reading for the month of June:

I read The Original Sinners series. I really enjoyed it! The characters were great, and the story was good. I honestly didn’t care for most of the third book, because I just felt there was no need for all the background information on Soren & Kingsley. I’d give it a four and definitely recommend it to anyone liking the erotica genre. Because it is just so much more than all the sex.

I decided to start reading the book I was asked to review on my blog from an author who reached out to me. I’m one chapter in so far….

I also joined a book club through a group on Facebook, and someone mentioned a series called Black Dagger Brotherhood. And while I was over the whole vampire thing back when Twilight was cool, they pursaded me to read it. So I am about four chapters in to the first book. So far I like it!


Also! I am on GoodReads, so you can always follow me there to see my list of books. I’m doing the 2016 Reading Challenge, which is going very well thus far.