Busy, Busy, Busy

Saturday mornings Dylan referee’s at the soccer fields. He is there for 6 hours “working”.

Sunday mornings is church, followed by Dylan having a traveling soccer game. And then sitting around watching football the rest of the day.

Monday nights Dylan has Youth Group for three hours. Delaney will have a Girl Scouts meeting once a month on a Monday.

Tuesday (during school hours) Delaney has band practice. Tuesday nights Dylan has an hour and a half of soccer practice.

Wednesday nights Delaney has AWANA for an hour an a half, and Dylan volunteers at AWANA the same night (just not in her classroom).

Thursday nights Dylan has soccer practice for an hour at a half.

So it seems that Friday’s is our only free day during the week. And I’m actually glad about it. I’m that mom who loves cheering her kids on! I’m excited to have a band geek in the house this year, too. Plus my kiddos are big followers of Jesus, and I’m so happy for that.

So while I thought I’d have more time to blog once school started up…. turns out I forgot to add taxi driver to my resume, lol.



Weekend Recap

I survived my first full week of work (for this school year). It was a struggle, to be honest…… I legit almost rage quit on Friday morning, so that tells you how it has been thus far #thestruggleisreal

Enough work talk, it’s all about my weekend now!

Friday: Steven worked late, so the kids and I literally laid around the house. I played a video game while the kids played their Nintendo DS’s. Win win for everyone. They also went to bed early because we were all wiped out from getting up “now normal time” for school/work, lol. I went right to my room and put a movie on and fell asleep at a decent time…..

Saturday: my boys went to the soccer fields. Steven is in charge of the referee’s and Dylan refereed four games. Go him! While the boys were away, the girls cleaned up the house. Lots of laundry was tackled too. And out of nowhere, Delaney wanted to make Rice Krispy Treats #sothathappened After the boys got home, we had dinner (I made a new one in the crock pot. Was not too successful, sadly) and then we played two board games and one video game before putting the kids to bed….. LATE for a change! Like 10pm late. #rewardforbeinggoodallweek


Sunday: Went to church in the morning (heard of my favorite songs so that was a plus), followed by going to Dylan’s traveling soccer game (where he had an awesome game and almost scored twice). Then we went to my parents house to help them close their pool. And then, of course, we ate dinner.

Nothing too too exciting, but it was very much needed after the last two weeks I’ve had.

Hope you all had a nice weekend, as well.


I Am Back To Work

I am a lunch lady at one of the grammar schools here in town, so I only work during the school year and have the summers off. Today is my first day back to work for the 2016/2017 school year.

I am not ready.

Hope everyone has a nice Thursday though, lol!


This Is How The Summer Went

I’ve NEVER had a summer as craaaazzzzzy as this one!

My kids go to Steven’s summer camp in the same town my parents live. We were working with one car (my 97 Honda Accord can’t do highway driving) so it was just easier to stay with my parents and Steven drop the kids off at camp. And summer camp is a month long!

While we were hanging in my old stomping grounds, we did a lot of fun things: Six Flags Great Adventure, going out to look for Pokemon, iPlay America (an indoor arcade), the boardwalk and swimming in my parents pool a whole lot.

We were home for a week before we went on our big family trip to Myrtle Beach. My sister came up with this idea to rent a house with her family, my family and my parents and stay for a week on vacation. We booked this trip back in February, obviously not knowing that I would have seen my mom for five weeks straight the week before, LOL! We did have such an awesome time down there, and the kids were super sad to leave.

Four days later we were driving to our camping trip. We were driving on the major highway and the engine blew. We pulled over and called AAA. In a five hours time span, we got towed off the highway, parked at a hotel, called around for a rental car, got the rental car, and got my car towed to our mechanic. Then we FINALLY made it to camping right before the sun went down. We set up camp in RECORD time and BAMM! our off the grid camping trip was saved.

Once we dropped the rental car back in NJ, my dad picked us up and brought my family back to his house. Then Steven and I went out and bought a new car (to replace my 97 Honda Accord that is stuck on our driveway pretty much). Now we are figuring out what to do about my car. It needs a new engine which is expensive as all… or to buy a car with the money we were gonna put in to the new engine. Not sure what is best at this point.

God, give me the strength!


Family Camping Trip 2016

Let me start by saying that this summer has been something else! Two broken cars and pretty much living at my parents house, playing switcheroo with transportation for everyone, on top of going on two vacations…. I guess that’s a whole other post in itself, lol.

Now for my real post:

Last weekend we headed to our usual camp ground, for a weekend of being off the grid awesomeness in the middle of the woods on a mountain in Pennsylvania! It really is so beautiful there, and puts me in a good mind frame before the start of September (school, work, sports, clubs, ect…).

Did I mention I like to do landscape photography? Enjoy!