Weekend Recap

I survived my first full week of work (for this school year). It was a struggle, to be honest…… I legit almost rage quit on Friday morning, so that tells you how it has been thus far #thestruggleisreal

Enough work talk, it’s all about my weekend now!

Friday: Steven worked late, so the kids and I literally laid around the house. I played a video game while the kids played their Nintendo DS’s. Win win for everyone. They also went to bed early because we were all wiped out from getting up “now normal time” for school/work, lol. I went right to my room and put a movie on and fell asleep at a decent time…..

Saturday: my boys went to the soccer fields. Steven is in charge of the referee’s and Dylan refereed four games. Go him! While the boys were away, the girls cleaned up the house. Lots of laundry was tackled too. And out of nowhere, Delaney wanted to make Rice Krispy Treats #sothathappened After the boys got home, we had dinner (I made a new one in the crock pot. Was not too successful, sadly) and then we played two board games and one video game before putting the kids to bed….. LATE for a change! Like 10pm late. #rewardforbeinggoodallweek


Sunday: Went to church in the morning (heard of my favorite songs so that was a plus), followed by going to Dylan’s traveling soccer game (where he had an awesome game and almost scored twice). Then we went to my parents house to help them close their pool. And then, of course, we ate dinner.

Nothing too too exciting, but it was very much needed after the last two weeks I’ve had.

Hope you all had a nice weekend, as well.


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