This Is How The Summer Went

I’ve NEVER had a summer as craaaazzzzzy as this one!

My kids go to Steven’s summer camp in the same town my parents live. We were working with one car (my 97 Honda Accord can’t do highway driving) so it was just easier to stay with my parents and Steven drop the kids off at camp. And summer camp is a month long!

While we were hanging in my old stomping grounds, we did a lot of fun things: Six Flags Great Adventure, going out to look for Pokemon, iPlay America (an indoor arcade), the boardwalk and swimming in my parents pool a whole lot.

We were home for a week before we went on our big family trip to Myrtle Beach. My sister came up with this idea to rent a house with her family, my family and my parents and stay for a week on vacation. We booked this trip back in February, obviously not knowing that I would have seen my mom for five weeks straight the week before, LOL! We did have such an awesome time down there, and the kids were super sad to leave.

Four days later we were driving to our camping trip. We were driving on the major highway and the engine blew. We pulled over and called AAA. In a five hours time span, we got towed off the highway, parked at a hotel, called around for a rental car, got the rental car, and got my car towed to our mechanic. Then we FINALLY made it to camping right before the sun went down. We set up camp in RECORD time and BAMM! our off the grid camping trip was saved.

Once we dropped the rental car back in NJ, my dad picked us up and brought my family back to his house. Then Steven and I went out and bought a new car (to replace my 97 Honda Accord that is stuck on our driveway pretty much). Now we are figuring out what to do about my car. It needs a new engine which is expensive as all… or to buy a car with the money we were gonna put in to the new engine. Not sure what is best at this point.

God, give me the strength!


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