Link Up: Show Us Your Books – What I Read In May 2016

Life According to Steph

I’ve done this link up before, so I’m just diving right in!


So, this is what I’ve been reading this the month of May:

I blogged about the Please series that I blew through in the first week of May. So good!

I started the Shattered Innocence series (I am to give honest review for a company I am signed up with), and I forced myself through it for over a week before I just gave up on it.  The story feels forced and rocky. The characters are getting on my nerves too! #sheneedstogetabackbone   I honestly do not think that I will ever finish this book….

I am still stuck on the Lunar Chronicles series. I blew through the first two books, but this third book is realllllllllllllllly fighting me. I pick it up and then put it down right away. I was determined to finish it before May is over, but didn’t happen…….. Not sure I see it in June’s future either, but we shall see.

I joined Harlequin Rewards in the middle of May, and I am earning free ebooks left and right! So I started a new series called The Original Sinners, which is in the erotica genre (D/s stuff #kinky).  And I have to admit, I am pretty much all in with this series. And it’s because of the characters and not even the sex stuff. Expect a review on my blog real soon!


Also! I am on GoodReads, so you can always follow me there to see my list of books. I’m doing the 2016 Reading Challenge, which is going very well thus far.


3 thoughts on “Link Up: Show Us Your Books – What I Read In May 2016”

  1. I really enjoyed the Lunar Chronicles series as a whole but if I recall correctly, Cress was the weakest for me too. The series ends well, so maybe that will help motivate you to keep reading! But I do understand how sometimes a book, even an overall decent book, can be hard to pick up and read. I go through periods like that too!


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