Mother’s Day 2016

I woke up Mother’s Day morning to breakfast in bed #winning. Steven and the kids made me ‘melt in your mouth’ pancakes. They definitely were delicious!


Then we all got dressed for church in a hurry and got there just in time!

After church, Steven went to mow the lawn (with my permission, lol) before we had to take Dylan to his soccer game. His team won 1-0. Once the game was over, the boys brought over a rose to the mom’s. Super cute!

When we got home, the kids gave me crafts they had made in school (cards and the like). Then Steven handed me my gift and it was a family size griddle (because he knows I like pancakes, haha!). Then I decided I wanted to play Monopoly. So that’s what went down. Almost three hours and one kid crying later, I ended up winning, woohoo!!!!

Steven ran out to pick up Chinese food. We ate dinner and then played a game called Heads Up. While we were eating snack we watched a new episode of Impractical Jokers before putting the kids to bed. Once they were in bed, Steven and I watched Game of Thrones!

I had such a nice holiday! Low key is my thing!!

P.S. You know I didn’t take any pictures during the day…… Oops!


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