Nothing To Report

Hello readers. My blog has been absent since last week. With good reason though!

First off, all the rain NJ is having is just ridic! It literally rained for six days straight! The husband and I have been trying to get yard work done and tackle our garden, and the rain is making it diffucult. We went plant shopping in the rain, that’s how desperate it got, haha.

Then on Wednesday, my town was all in a frenzy because an escaped killer (from another town) broke out of prison and was running around town. Schools were in “shelter in place” mode (which means no one in or out of the building). I was stuck at work! I didn’t get to leave till 3:30pm… when my kids were finally let out of their schools! I had to race home so I could be there for them.  This whole thing was such a big deal that news crews from CBS, NBC, ABC and NJ12 were seen around town. ANNNNNDDDD we were trending on Facebook at one point!


The man hunt went in to the middle of the night. Steven stayed up all night listening to the police scanner. We all got up in the morning and went to work/school, since all were open. Yesterday afternoon we as a town found out that the man left town limits, since he was never found. All was back to normal.

Needless to say, last night we put the kids to bed regular time and literally went into bed, eyes closed and sleeping before 9:00pm. THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!!

So yep, a crazy week here. And that’s my post!


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