Book Review: Please series (books 1-4)

Goodreads Synopsis’s – Please 1  Please 2  Please 3  Please 4


I saw an ad pop up on my timeline of my personal Facebook page for this erotica book series. It made it sound like Hunter Carlisle (one of the main characters in this series) was way better than Christian Grey (from the Fifty Shades series). I was in between books so it caught my attention!

Let me tell you, they were right! This series is on the same lines as Fifty Shades, but the female main character is a normal ‘poor out of college girl’ with just a little baggage  from her past. The male main character is a very rich CEO of his own company with some past baggage too (nothing too crazy like S&M stuff).

I read the WHOLE series in two days, I just could not put it down. The characters were likeable and relatible (except for the insanely rich CEO thing, lol), and I laughed out loud at parts because it was funny. They are definitely a cute couple. The style of writing is easy to read as well.

If this genre of books is your thing, then I’d totally recommend this series to you!


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