Dylan Turns Twelve

I know it’s sounds cliche, but I literally remember the day my son was born like it was yesterday. I remember the smell of the hospital room I was in, the nurse walked me down the hallway and into a room, then said “Happy Birthday! You’re having a baby today”, how Steven had to call his buddy to tell him he wasn’t going to be able to make it to bowling tonight, and even how rude my doctor was to the nurse who was trying to help me through the delivery. It’s just something you never forget as a mother.

dylan042904Fifteen minutes old.

And now look…. twelve years later. My very sweet, crazy smart, super handsome, Jesus loving, funny, friendly baby boy. I just cannot believe this much time has passed! I will always support you and help you achieve everything you want from life. Keep being you, buddy!

This is the last year of his childhood before he’s a teenager. I’m so not ready.

Totally, definitely, not ready.



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