House Party: Game of Thrones

I was selected by houseparty to host a ‘Chromecast Game of Thrones Premier Party’ this past Sunday.  Talk about awesome!!!


The above images were taken from my houseparty event page


I was always interested in getting one of those “streaming to the TV things”, so I was real excited when the Chromecast arrived on my doorstep. I hooked that bad boy up and was ready to go! It was very simple to set up, and easy to use too!

The chromecast & a journal arrived in my package!
*Petyr Baelish lives with me*


So after putting the kids to bed on Sunday night, we watched the first episode using the chromecast. It was so cool to actually watch the show LIVE! I even let my funko POP! friends hang out with us to watch!!





Thanks houseparty! We had a freakin’ blast!!!!!


#chromecastGoT  #sponsored


Disclaimer: I received these items for free. I was not paid to write this post.


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