Weekend Recap

It was a busy weekend. Lets recap, shall we…

Saturday, Steven was out of bed bright and early, as he had his first 5K race to attend! The kids just hung around the house while I binged on Netflix, lol. After the race was over, he drove home and relaxed on the couch…. which only lasted an hour before he decided to head over to the soccer field’s to see how the referee’s were doing (he runs the referees for the local soccer club). After soccer was over, he ran to Home Depot, then went straight to the yard to work on a project.
At night, I was invited to a sex toy party (that my lovely husband pretty much made me attend), and while I didn’t want to actually go (#introvertFTW) I did have fun. Came home, put the kids to bed and then went straight to bed!


Sunday was busy.

  • Walking to church (it was so beautiful outside and our church is right outside the neighborhood – a 15 minute walk)
  • Cleaning out the garage for an hour and a half
  • Dylan’s soccer game in the afternoon
  • A drive to LBI where we waited two hours to be seated at a local restaurant that had only opened for the season this past Thursday
  • A side trip to just sit on the beach while we waited to eat dinner (the beach is block from the restaurant)
  • Playing a new board game called Catan before putting the kids to bed
  • Steven and I watched Game of Thrones season 5 episode 1 (we are recapping before Sunday’s new season!)
A group selfie on the way to church
Dylan playing soccer
My babies hanging out on the beach
This is the table at the restaurant


Now it’s Monday, and I have off of work because all the schools in town have a half day, which equals no lunch served. Woohoo to a day off!!!! I really need it, because I went to bed with a headache verging on a migraine, and I woke up with it too. I’m gonna try to be productive around the house today and get laundry done….. but Steven texted me asking me to do a few things for him……… we’ll see what happens, lol.


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